Meet Daniel

After serving 6 years in the military, I remained working in the communication field for over 20 years.My travels exposed me to variety of experiences, cultures, and wonderful flavors. Good food has always been a great enjoyment. It wasn’t very long before I realized that I had a knack for picking out flavors in food and be able to  differentiate fresh foods from frozen foods.


10 years ago, my curiosity to experiment with spices peaked. Blending spices can be a complicated process and art to find a perfect combination.) I started cooking using a few blends that I perfected and my friends and family loved the taste.


As someone who is passionate about BBQing, I decided to create my own BBQ sauce. After thorough research of analyzing ingredients of other BBQ sauces on the market, I was inspired to find an ingredient to create a new foundation. Instead of using the typical tomato base, I asked myself, “What can I use as a replacement”? Just like those Saturday morning cartoons, a bright, yellow light bulb dinged… I would use red bell peppers.


The unique taste of roasted red bell peppers had everyone suggest that I should sell them. With encouragement and support, my wife and I started VelaFoods in 2017. The delightful reaction on customers’ faces is proof that I enjoy sharing my sauces to make others happy. Chefs and BBQ competitors have also commented on the unique taste of my BBQ sauce.